Legal Aid

Legal Aid can help meet the costs of legal services for certain people who can’t afford to pay privately for them allowing you fair and equal access to justice. Russell and Co may be able to provide Legal Aid services for a range of civil issues concerning family and court disputes on behalf of clients who qualify to receive public funding.

Please contact our Family Law team to enquire as to whether your matter is eligible to receive public funding. These can be matters involving children, divorce or separation.

Legal Aid allows us to take on a range of civil cases on your behalf. Civil cases are those where you have a dispute with a person, company or other organisation. The specific areas of civil litigation where it may be possible for you to assist you with Legal Aid include civil actions against the police, other government authorities, prison authorities and Home Office. Please refer to our action against the police page for further information.

Please inquire to find out if you are eligible for our Legal Aid service and if we are therefore able to pursue a particular legal case on your behalf.

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