Do you need answers to these questions?

•  I’m unhappy in my current relationship, what do I do?
•  How will I manage on one income?
•  How do we separate our financial arrangements?
•  What am I entitled to?
•  How do I tell the children?
•  Who will care for the children?
•  Where will I live?
•  How much will it cost?
•  Can I keep my name?
•  Should I change the children’s names?
•  I am frightened! I don’t know who to talk to!

We offer advice to people in Worcestershire and beyond and provide information on the divorce process and financial arrangements arising from separation. If you want to end an unhappy relationship, or are on the receiving end of a divorce petition, we can help you achieve a result that’s right for you. From initial advice to advising on the steps to take before applying for divorce, our family solicitors will offer clear advice and ensure transparency on costs.

We appreciate that you will need a high level of support and we will guide you through the process. Our divorce solicitors can advise on the ground for divorce and suitable fact upon which you can rely to issue proceedings.  In all cases we will work to achieve an amicable settlement without the need to go to court. We offer one-to-one support at a time when everything seems to be against you. We will stand in your corner.

Your solicitor will manage your case from the beginning and will offer you practical and sensible advice so that you can make informed choices. Russell & Co believe that the best outcomes are based on decisions you are confident enough to make yourself. Your dispute will be dealt with in a constructive way, where possible by agreement. The best solution is always an individual matter; whether it’s reached through mediation, negotiation or an application to Court, we advise you about each option and explain what is best for you now and any potential impact on you in the future. We appreciate that taking a marriage apart might involve complex issues involving financial arrangements for the parties and the children.

Once we have agreed on the approach you would like to take, our solicitors will give you a clear indication of what your divorce case will cost from the outset. As the case progresses we will ensure that you remain aware and in control of your costs. Our clients value our frank and transparent approach to fees. When you come to Russell & Co, you can rest assured that your case will be treated with the utmost care, sensitivity and discretion throughout.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation on all family matters.
To speak to a family lawyer about your case and specific costs, call 01684 892000 or email to arrange an appointment